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* Release date:01.09.2020

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Arden Healthy Life and Beauty Center Founder Dr. Arden Ekmekçi explained their privileged services to Klass …

Providing a privileged service with FDA-approved equipment in the fields of medical aesthetics, skin care and hair transplantation, “We are one of you, who always tries to do the best for you, who is happy with your eyes, rejoices with your joy.” Adopting its motto, Arden Healthy Life and Beauty Center welcomes its clients with its comfortable concept, expert staff and quality-oriented service approach. Founder of the Center, Dr. The center, which is famous for the closed dressing system used by Arden Ekmekçi in hair transplantation and developed with its own methods, enables patients to return to their social life in a short time. Founder of Arden Wellness and Beauty Center, Dr. We talked to Arden Ekmekçi for the readers of Klass about the services they offer in their centers, the dressing process after hair transplantation, their applications in the field of medical aesthetics and their future goals.

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