The nasolabial filler is a filler treatment applied to eliminate the lines descending from the nose wings to the edge of the mouth. These lines, which deepen over time due to aging, genetic and environmental factors, cause changes in facial expression; an unhappy and sad expression may occur on the face.

Cheekbone filler applications are very popular among women in recent times. Cheekbone filler, which is preferred to catch a harmony between the facial area and the cheeks, are applied to the skin with natural-looking fillers. In the applications where the facial features and cheeks are aimed to be in harmony, all kinds of factors related to aging are prevented.

All details about temple filler aesthetics are in Maya Aesthetics. Our face loses its current volume over the years. This loss of volume becomes visible in the middle ages and later. It is the same for our temples. Our temples, which are located in front of the hairline and eyebrows on both sides of our eyes, are the areas which are exposed to collapses over time. For a holistic aesthetics, the ideal volume of the temple area gives vitality to the face.

Nowadays, aesthetic interventions have become easier with the new techniques. With these developing techniques, patient’s concerns have decreased as well. For example,  the anxiety of such situations as having anesthesia, scalpel and incision. One of the aesthetics that changes with these new techniques is rhinoplasty.

It is called bone filler because it is injected into the jawbone, cheekbone and nasal bone area. It consists of hyaluronic acid  which is found naturally in the human body. It is a thick dermal filler specially developed for the jaw, cheekbones and nose.

Tear trough filler is used to eliminate the tired and collapsed appearance under the eyes. Dark circles or bags under the eyes, which is the problem of both men and women, become an unpleasant situation in terms of aesthetic appearance. In this case, the application of specially developed tear trough filler becomes the solution. With this technique, all the problems under eye are intervened at once, and the skin gains a young appearance for a long time.

The desire of having fuller lips has become one of the latest trends among women and has become an interest area of health and aesthetic sector. It is very easy and practical to reshape the lips as desired with hyaluronic acid fillers which are frequently used in various treatments with almost no side effects. In addition, hyaluronic acid skin filler is commonly used for deep wrinkles and collapses on the skin.

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