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Temple Filler Aesthetics

All details about temple filler aesthetics are in Maya Aesthetics. Our face loses its current volume over the years. This loss of volume becomes visible in the middle ages and later. It is the same for our temples. Our temples, which are located in front of the hairline and eyebrows on both sides of our eyes, are the areas which are exposed to collapses over time. For a holistic aesthetics, the ideal volume of the temple area gives vitality to the face.

Temple Filler and Temple Aesthetics

Temple is a slightly hollow area located in temporal region. The loss of fat tissue in this area pulls the face down, including the forehead and eyebrows. If the skin on temporal area is thinner, it is inevitable to face wrinkles. Thin lines that wrinkle only when we make gestures leave their place to permanent deep lines over time.

The temple filler is one of the facial fillers that should be applied regularly and effectively for these reasons. Hyaluronic acid, which is completely compatible with our face, is used in the temple filler. Anesthetic cream is applied to the area before the procedure. Then, hyaluronic acid is injected into the temples with mini injectors.

The temple filler is an application that requires very serious attention in terms of the region where it is made. The filler should be proportional to the cheekbones and should be compatible with the whole face.

It may take 3-4 days for the temple filler to settle properly. A contour is made in the first week. Although the permanence of temple filler varies depending on the face structure, it is between 9-15 months. The process can be repeated.

Briefly Summarizing the Benefits of Temple Filler;

  • Removes the lines in the temple area caused by mimics
  • Provides a fuller and bright appearance to the temples.
  • Temple filling helps to recover the droopy eyebrows and forehead.
  • Provides a young and dynamic expression to the entire face.
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