Sweating Treatment with Botox


Sweating Treatment with Botox

All details of sweating treatment with botox are at Arden Clinic. Sweating is an unpleasant situation affecting the social lives of women and men. People sweat because of heat, stress, sudden and strong emotional changes. It becomes a social phobia, especially in summer. Sweating of the person is actually a very normal physiological situation. However, the smell and stains on the clothes caused by sweating leave the person in a difficult situation in social environments. In addition, excessive sweating also causes fungal skin diseases.

Armpits, palms and feet are the areas where we sweat the most. Sweating can sometimes be caused by stress alone. It can often be annoying to shake hands with a sweaty hand. Deodorants, having frequent showers and perfumes can save us from bad odors but they are not the solution every time.

How Can We Solve the Sweating Problem in Men and Women with Botox?

When we apply Botox to places where we experience excessive sweating such as palms, armpits, and soles, it prevents sweating by neutralizing the sweat glands in that area.

You can get rid of excessive sweating painlessly with a botox application, which is mostly performed in a single session and in a short time as 15 minutes. The treatment has no side effects. It shows the effect within 1 week. But this effect disappears over time. The permanence of botox lasts for an average of 6-8 months, this period varies from person to person.

Since the process is repeatable, there will be no problem.

It is the most preferred application during the summer when we experience excessive sweating problems. It is an application that can be done for anyone regardless of men or women. Pregnant women and people with special health problems are especially recommended to consult their doctor. Botox sweating treatment is done by medical doctors who are experts in their fields.

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