Stem Cell Hair Treatment

The answers to your questions about stem cell hair treatment and all the details about the treatment are at Maya Aesthetics! Our hair is an inseparable part of us for a beautiful appearance. Hair strands can shed over time, become pale, thinned, and matte. The main reason for all these results is the malnutrition of our hair follicles. It is because the cells that feed the hair follicles do not respond to the need.

Stem cell technology, which grows like topsy in skin renewal, gives positive results when it comes to our hair. Stem cell therapy is an application that can be done to anyone regardless of women or men, if your hair is falling out, looks weak and lifeless.

How Is Stem Cell Hair Treatment Applied?

First of all, the hair condition of the person is analyzed. Accordingly, it is determined how many stem cells will be needed. Afterwards, stem cell-rich fat tissues taken from the person are apheresed for 1-2 hours and the stem cells are separated. Afterwards, these stem cells are injected into the hair follicles with the help of mini injectors. You will not feel any pain during the procedure performed under local anesthesia.

Stem cell hair treatment, preferred by women, in particular, is proof of how much care our hair needs. After stem cell treatment;

  • We prevent hair loss.
  • Our hair follicles become stronger.
  • Cells that feed the hair follicles are enriched.
  • New hair growth is accelerated.
  • Our hair shines from root to tip and gets rid of its matte appearance.

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