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Regenera Activa (Autologous Micrograft)

The principle of Regenera Activa hair treatment is to provide the necessary substances to treat our own hair follicles by obtaining them from our own tissues. For this reason, Regenera Activa is also called “Autologous Micrograft”. It is an effective and reliable method to combat many hair loss problems, especially male pattern hair loss.

Who Can Have Regenera Activa Treatment?

If the hair loss problem is not caused by infection, the autologous micrograft method can be applied to anyone who has a hair loss problem. It is used to support and revitalize the hair against the damages caused by hair coloring applications and frequent hairdressing procedures.

Is Regenera Activa (Autologous Micrograft) Method Effective on Shedding Hair?

The aim of the treatment is to obtain the growth factors and progenitor stem cells from our own tissues, which are necessary to regenerate the weakened hair follicles and make them look healthier.

How is Regenera Activa (Autologous Micrograft) Method Applied?

In this method, the tissue in the hairy area behind the ear, which is genetically resistant to shedding, is used. Since the whole procedure takes place under local anesthesia, patients do not feel any pain. In autologous micrograft procedure, 3 to 4 hair follicles are taken from the area behind the ear, towards the nape area, with a special method. These follicles are transformed into a special cell suspension with the regenera activa system. In this way, a hair treatment is prepared which has an effect on increasing cell renewal from our own hair follicles.

This suspension is injected into the scalp by injection. Hair growth is achieved thanks to the regenerative effect of the growth factor and hair follicle taken from the donor area and the progenitor cells in the tissue.

Is Regenera Activa an Alternative for Hair Transplant?

The treatment of permanent hair loss is hair transplantation. Regenera Activa is supportive of hair transplant treatment rather than being an alternative. Growth factors and progenitor cells needed by newly transplanted hair are provided with this treatment. Hair begins to grow much faster and stronger.

When Is the Result Obtained in Regenera Activa Treatment?

Positive results of this treatment obtained from our own cells begin to be seen from the sixth month. It takes 6-12 months to see all the positive results and other developments.

What are the Advantages of Autologous Micrograft Method?

  • Revitalizes weak and miniaturized hair.
  • Provides preserving the quality of existing hair.
  • In general, it provides thickening of thinned and weakened hair and hair to look much denser.
  • Provides hair growth by awakening the hair follicles that are not yet dead.
  • While strengthening the donor area before hair transplantation, it increases the success rate after the transplantation.
  • In the post-hair transplant application, it increases the recovery speed after the transplantation process and helps to increase the growth and quality of the transplanted hair.

Frequently Asked Questions About Autologous Micrograft Method

There is no hair left in the upper area of ​​my head, will my hair grow again?

Unfortunately, the autologous micrograft method is not effective in completely bald areas.

Can it be used for ringworm treatment?

It is not effective in ringworm treatment.

Will there be new hair growth?

New hair growth can be observed, but the main purpose of the method is to strengthen hair follicles and prevent hair loss.

Can pregnant women have Autologous Micrograft method?

It can be technically applied because it does not contain chemical components, but it will be more appropriate to have this treatment from the end of the breastfeeding period as hormonal changes occur during pregnancy. Since such hormonal changes will adversely affect the treatment process, the result will not be at the desired level.

When can I return to my daily life after treatment?

You can continue your social life on the same day.

Is Regenera Activa method a PRP treatment?

No. Regenera Activa is a much more complex and effective hair treatment. In the PRP method, the thrombocytes taken from our blood are concentrated and injected into the hairy area. In this method, follicles taken from the donor area are separated into growth factors and progenitor cells by a special method and injected into the hairy area.

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