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Permanent lip contour / permanent lip pigmentation; It is a permanent make-up technique that can be applied to the lip frame or the entire lip using herbal products that do not react with the skin.

Who Can Have Permanent Lip Pigmentation?

You can have permanent lip makeup in order to hide the scars on your lips.

People with asymmetrical deformities on the lips can get permanent lip makeup.

Those with thin lips can have permanent lip makeup to make their lips thicker.

Those who are tired of using lipstick every day or who do not like to use lipstick can have permanent lip makeup.

Permanent makeup can be applied to make your lips look more vibrant and natural in color.

Who Cannot Have Permanent Lip Makeup?

It cannot be applied to people with psychological disorders.

It cannot be applied to those under the age of 18.

It cannot be applied to those who are allergic to pigments.

It cannot be applied if there is a wound on the lips. It should be treated first.

It cannot be applied to those who have capillary cracks in their lips.

It cannot be applied to those who have skin lesions such as eczema, warts and fungi.

How Is the Process Performed?

First of all, a preliminary design is made for the lips and a lip frame is created for your face form. After the lip shape is determined, an anesthetic cream is applied. In fact, this procedure does not have a great pain, it creates a tiny stinging sensation. After the cream is applied, it waits for 20 minutes. The process is applied with a permanent make-up device. This process takes about 1 hour.

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