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Nose Aesthetics with Toxin

The main focus of a person’s face is definitely the nose. For this reason, people are very uncomfortable with the disorders in their noses. It is also known that people who do not like their noses experience a loss of self-confidence in friendships or in various meetings. Nose aesthetics with the toxin, which is one of the non-surgical aesthetic methods, provides great benefits in this regard.

Features of Nose Aesthetics with Toxin

Individuals who want to have a nose aesthetics with botox should not have any health problems. Unlike aesthetic operations, botox provides only a physical correction. Nasal interventions with botox are very effective, especially in correcting dropped nasal tip. However, it is very important to adjust the amount of botox applied to the nose for a natural and beautiful nose appearance. For this reason, patients should definitely consult an experienced doctor. Since local anesthesia is applied to the nose before the botox procedure, patients are not likely to feel any pain. As a method of local anesthesia, it is generally preferred to use special creams giving numbing effect.

The time needed for nose aesthetics with botox is between twenty and thirty minutes. This process is determined according to the procedure performed on the patient’s nose. Ice compresses applied after the treatment help recovering the swelling. There is no obstacle for patients to return to their daily lives after ice compression. With botox, nasal wings can also be intervened as well as the nasal tip. There are many advantages to this method of nose aesthetics. Patients can apply for botox application to understand whether the new image will suit them or not. Botox, which has a temporary effect unlike surgical operations, is also very useful for patients to understand what kind of nose they want to have. The effect duration of nasal aesthetics made with botox is at most one year. According to the body characteristics of individuals, the effect of botox may last less than a year. It is also possible to renew the botox when its effect disappears. But botox is often referred to as small touches. It is not possible to eliminate the major defects in the nose with the help of botox. Patients who have problems that cannot be solved with Botox should apply to surgical operations.

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