Mustache Transplantation

If there is no hair growth or hair loss on the upper lip in men, the definitive treatment is mustache transplantation.

Moustache transplantation is hair follicle transplantation in the areas where moustache hair does not grow.

Hair follicles to be transplanted on the mustache are taken from the neck, as in baldness treatment.

In order to achieve this, the scalp strip is cut out above the neck and sliced ​​into individual hair follicles.

Then, hair follicles are transplanted one by one to the areas where moustache hair is not seen.

The transplanted hair follicles preserve their previous characteristics in the moustache area and they continue to grow.

Therefore, the growing hair can be shortened at appropriate intervals during the mustache shave.

If the hair follicles are transplanted too close to each other, they cannot be nourished.

For this reason, transplantation frequency should be enough to nourish them.

When the hair follicles are nourished and the hair begins to grow (after 4-6 months), hair transplantation can be done again if there is a sparse moustache area.

Moustache Transplantation and FUE Method


Bıyık Ekimi


Problems such as scars, surgical scars, burn marks, shedding in the moustache area can be almost completely camouflaged with moustache transplantation, and serious image change can be achieved with moustache transplantation in the case of no mustache growth as in the beardless people.

Only the FUE method should be applied in moustache transplantation because the results are not satisfactory in the FUT method.

Hair follicles taken with 0.6-0.7 mm tools without using a motor should be transplanted simultaneously with the help of 0.6-0.7 mm tools without cutting the skin, thus shortening the transplantation time and preventing the death of follicles, since they do not wait outside.

If the tips used are thin, there is no indication of transplantation or scars in both the donor and transplantation areas.

With FUE, hair follicles are taken from the desired location with the desired number and transplanted to the determined moustache area at the desired frequency and with the natural angle.

Since moustache transplantation is an important issue that should not be done by auxiliary staff, the doctor should do the transplantation himself.

Points to Take Consideration in Moustache Transplantation

Points to Take Consideration in Moustache Transplantation

After moustache transplantation, the transferred hair follicles, which continue to preserve their characteristics in the nape area, begin to grow after a while. For this reason, the hairs in moustache area should be shortened periodically. Especially during moustache transplantation, dense and frequent hair follicle transfer is not preferred and follicles are not transplanted close to each other; because nutritional problems will arise due to the narrowness of the area as a result of this type of application.


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