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Microblading Permanent Eyebrow Design

Microblading, semi-permanent eyebrow design, is the most important and complementary element of facial beauty. Eyebrows also reveal the expression on the face. Those who have problems with their eyebrows and want to have more beautiful eyebrows prefer microblading method because of its successful results. Thanks to this method, it is possible to have the desired eyebrows in a very short time.

What is the Microblading?

Eyebrow transplantation methods applied to obtain more beautiful and effective eyebrows are both troublesome and often do not give the desired results. The microblading method, known as eyebrow contour, is made by using organic dyes to fill the sparse areas on eyebrows and shape them. Microblading method is often confused with tattooing. While tattoo is applied to the lower layers of the skin, microblading is applied more superficially. While tattooing is done by the vibration of needles, microblading is applied by placing the pigment under the skin with a stable blade incision.

Who Prefer Microblading?

Microblading method is preferred more often by people whose eyebrows are very thin or who have sparse eyebrows. Eyebrows do not have the desired appearance due to genetic or health problems. In addition, sparse areas or deformities may occur in the eyebrows due to surgeries or burns. Microblading method creates ideal solutions for all these problems.

Who Is Not Suitable for Microblading?

Microblading method is applied to people who do not have health problems. Those with various health problems, especially skin disorders, should have this application with the permission of the doctor if they are receiving any treatment. Even small pains during pregnancy trigger the birth and cause infection, pregnant women should not have microblading. Breastfeeding mothers can have the procedure if creams or other anesthetic products are not used; but if anesthesia is used, they should definitely not breastfeed their babies for 24 hours. Although the dyes are completely organic, those with extremely sensitive and allergic skin should consult their doctor first.

In Which Season Should It Be Done?

There is not a specific season to have microblading application. This method can be applied in 12 months of the year with the same success rate. The important thing is that the application area does not contact with water until about 4 days after the application.

Does the Color Change?

Microblading method is not a permanent application like tattoos. The application can show its effect for an average of one year, depending on the dyes and skin type. After this period, the procedure needs to be repeated since the colors will fade. If it is repeated at the right time, it is completed in shorter time than in the first application and it provides better results.

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