What is Mesobotox?

Mesobotox has emerged with a combination of mesotherapy and botox applications. Classical botox application removes wrinkles on the skin and neutralizes the nerves in the application area. Hence, it created a duller expression on the face. Mesotherapy, which eliminates this dull expression, preserves the elastic structure and natural appearance of the skin. Mesobotox, which is frequently preferred by artists due to these advantages, is also known as “artist botox” abroad. Mesobotox, which is also recommended by Prof. Dr. Erol Koç, is more functional as it can be applied to both the face and the body.

What Is the Difference Between Mesobotox and Botox?

Botox is performed by injecting botulinum toxin into the muscles and nerves in the area where wrinkles are observed. In mesobotox application, botulinum toxin is injected into the fat tissue in the lower layers, not into the muscle. Thus, the moisture balance and flexibility of the skin is preserved. One of the aspects that distinguish mesobotox from botox is the area where it is applied. Mesobotox can be applied to the whole body besides the face. Botox is generally preferred for the face.

How Is Mesobotox Applied?

Mesobotox refers to the combination of “mesotherapy” and “botox” procedures. Mesotherapy is a form of treatment that nourishes and supports the fat layer under the skin. Diluted botulinum toxin can be used sometimes in mesobotox application, which is formed by combining the materials and techniques used in both methods. Products used in mesotherapy, such as hyaluronic, can also be added to the dose for dilution. Just like in the botox application, injection is made with fine needles. The prepared mixture is injected into the fat layer under the skin, not into the muscle tissue. Thus, the use of facial expressions is not blocked and skin preserves its natural appearance. Before the procedure, the application area is anesthetized with a local anesthetic cream. If the expected result is not obtained from the application, the procedure can be repeated 15 days later. Mesobotox application time is slightly longer than botox application time. The whole process is completed in about 30 – 40 minutes.

What Is the Purpose of Mezobotox Application?

Mesobotox procedure is applied to prevent redness and sagging of the skin, just like in botox. At the end of the application, it is aimed to achieve a young, bright and lively skin appearance. It gives brightness to the face since it increases the moisture capacity of the skin. It provides the recovery of sagging, filling fine lines and clarification of the chin oval.

Mesobotox application must be repeated regularly to provide permanent effect. The effect of the procedure is permanent for an average of 3 – 12 months. This period may vary depending on the person’s skin type, age and the applied dosage.

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