Masseter botox is an aesthetic procedure in which the lower part of the face, where the masseter muscle is located, is thinned. Masseter botox aims to treat deformities in the lower part of the face. The square face shape, which causes a masculine appearance on the face, is reduced to a more proportional face shape. If the masseter muscle is too large, it can cause discomfort not only aesthetically but also physically. For this reason, this procedure is applied to provide both functional and physical treatment in some cases.

Chin reduction with botox: Injection technique for reshaping the face. Ideal chin shape varies greatly between women and men. While the square face shape provides a strong expression in men, the thin face shape in women provides a softer and aesthetic appearance. Women especially with a round or square typeface prefer masseter botox to have a softer and more attractive appearance.

There are various reasons why non-surgical botox treatment is preferred instead of chin reduction surgery with surgical techniques. The anxiety of surgery and anesthesia and long recovery period are among these reasons. Botox also provides a technically new option for reshaping the face as a non-surgical technique. Masseter botox offers the opportunity to change the face shape by thinning the chin without any incision, pain, swelling or stitches.

With masseter reduction / V-line botox, the chin can be thinned and reduced. Round and square face shapes are reshaped as triangle, oval or heart shapes. On the other hand, in patients with an extremely thin chin shape, the opposite effect can be created and the masseter muscle can be enlarged to provide a more prominent shape.

There is no risk of pain, aches or bruises in masseter botox. Many patients come to our clinic at the lunch break to have this procedure done and can then continue their work immediately. Patients can generally see the softening of the masseter muscle within 1 week and the new chin shape fully after 6 weeks. Studies reveal that there are “long-term changes” in the chin strip after 2-3 sessions of treatment. Longer lasting, aesthetic and symmetrical results are obtained over time with the masseter botox.

Things to know about the masseter muscle

Some personal habits can directly affect the enlargement of your chin muscles (masseter). Excessive gum chewing, chewing some hard things such as ice, or chewing hard meat can all lead to the enlargement of the masseter muscle. Grinding teeth at night, called bruxism, can also lead to enlargement of your chin muscles.

What is the chin reduction with Botox?

In botox chin reduction, botulinum toxin (in other words botox) is injected into the chin muscles (called masseter muscle) to reduce its size. In some ethnic groups, patients tend to develop extremely square facial features. Botox can reduce the overall size of the masseter muscle to achieve facial proportions in a non-invasive manner.

What are the differences between botox injection and chin reduction surgery?

Chin reduction with Botox is a relatively painless and non-surgical procedure that can be done in a clinical setting. Chin reduction surgery is an invasive surgical procedure that involves incision or trimming of the jawbone for reshaping.

What are the advantages/disadvantages of one over the other?

Chin reduction with masseter botox can provide a natural, thin improvement in the area without any incisions or potential complications. Chin reduction surgery can cause sensation problems, dental problems, and pain potential throughout the TMJ area. Chin reduction with Botox is actually one of the treatments for TMJ disease.

Is there any pain at the beginning or in the following days after treatment?

There is no pain after the injection of botox.

Do you feel pain when eating? Is dietary restriction required immediately after treatment?

There is no pain when eating. Chewing gum, snack sweets, and hard meat products can cause thickening of the chin muscles and enlargement of the chin.

The initial phase consists of 2-3 sessions of treatment, how long does it take?

Patients are recommended to have the second session 2 to 4 months after the first treatment. Most patients do not need the third session, but it can be done again for patients who want further correction.

How often should it be repeated?

Most patients do not need additional treatment with botox after the first treatment is applied. Patients are recommended to come for injection every 6 months if they want more contour on their faces. Botox will change the physical mass of the blood and will become less noticeable. Patients with active tooth and skin infections should also avoid botox in the area of ​​the masseter.

It is very important for the physician to inject botox correctly. The operation should be planned individually.


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