What do the Marionette lines mean?

“Marionette”, which means string puppet in French, was given this name because it resembles the vertical line extending from the edge of the mouth to the chin, just like in the string puppet, especially in people with a small jaw structure.

How should be the approach in the treatment of marionette lines?

Dermal fillers injections provide correction of marionette lines, but higher doses may be required for satisfactory results. With adjunctive treatment methods, we can get better results by using fewer fillers. In the treatment of Marionette lines, botox (muscle relaxing injections) should be applied to the DAO muscle that pulls the lip edges downwards for fast and effective results.

How should the dosage be determined for marionette lines?

The amount of dose to be administered is directly related to the depth of the line and the anatomical structure. My general approach is to start with a 2 ml dose and repeat it at intervals of 1 month until the desired appearance is achieved. Your doctor will determine the best dose after taking your medical history. If the patient has a history of complications related to filler injection or prefers a more natural appearance, it can be started with smaller doses.

Will I feel pain during the application?

A local anesthetic cream can be applied 45 minutes before the procedure. The effect increases if the area is covered with stretch film. Most of the patients tolerate the procedure with the application of local anesthetic cream. Ice compress reduces the risk of bruising.

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