Jawline Filler, also known as chin tip filling, is applied to make the jaw folds more pronounced and to change the chin appearance. First of all, let’s answer the question of what jawline means. The jawline is the name given to the hard line on the chin. Although there are some factors that play an important role in determining this line, it is generally determined by genetics, fat rate, and facial exercises. Patients usually complain that their jawlines are not prominent, facial lines are rounded and they are not satisfied with this appearance. Jawline filler has emerged at this very moment. A prominent line extending from the jaw to the ear has become popular according to today’s aesthetic understanding, and the demand for jawlines has increased especially in men. Although jaw filling and jaw tip filler are also very popular in women, men generally prefer this cosmetic procedure. Ideas of jawline filler and sharpening the jawline were inspired by the sharp jawlines, fuller lips, and fuller cheeks of the ancient Egyptian figures.

As we mentioned above, a strong jawline has become a sign of youth and a healthy-looking face. Selfie craziness, the popularity of social media, and the tendency of many, like Angelina Jolie, to adopt new aesthetic trends have led to the prominence of such cosmetic procedures, and the aesthetic sector has developed itself in this direction and has been able to fulfill these requests. As long as the latest trend aesthetics continue to preserve their popularity, such cosmetic procedures will always be attractive for people. Of course, there may be some reasons for jawline procedure other than this craziness. It is necessary to explain these reasons briefly. We have tried to briefly list these reasons below.

Why is Jawline Filler Done?

Although the jawline filler seems to be done for a single purpose, this cosmetic procedure has more than one benefit, directly or indirectly. We can list the main reasons for jawline filler as follows;

  • Sharpening round face lines, giving a triangular look
  • Contributing to correcting jowl area
  • Clarifying the harmony between lips and chin
  • Correcting the sagging in cheeks

Jawline aesthetics is made with hyaluronic acid. Thanks to the real fillers we apply in our clinics, this filler type, which acts as a suspension on the chin, can achieve more permanent results and also gain a natural appearance with its natural ingredients. Normally, we need to answer the question of what hyaluronic acid is. Hyaluronic acid is a filler type that we use against lines, wrinkles, and sagging on the face.

The Usage Areas of Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is used as an auxiliary filler type in cosmetic, non-surgical aesthetic procedures. It is generally used in operations such as clarifying the nasolabial lines, removing the lines in the middle of the eyebrows and correcting the cheeks. In addition, it is also used in procedures such as temple aesthetics, removal of undereye bags or bruises. Hyaluronic acid is also used in nose tip lifting. The approval and pre-examination of cosmetic dermatologists are important for all these procedures.

Who Can Have Jawline?

In fact, we receive many questions on every subject. People are asking if they can have a jawline or their jaw structure is suitable for this procedure. We would like to answer these questions briefly. In fact, it is important to emphasize that who are well-trained for doing jawline, rather than the question of who can prefer having this procedure. First of all, as in all procedures, this procedure can be performed by competent clinics and plastic surgery hospitals like us. Therefore, it should be applied by medical aesthetic doctors and dermatologists. We do not recommend that you have such aesthetic applications in institutions that are not authorized for this procedure, such as beauty centers. Remember, your skin is your most precious organ and you should not entrust this organ to people who are not authorized or have no expertise in this area.

How to Apply Jawline and How Long Does the Process Last For?

It has its own sterile syringe in the filler box. Application areas are determined and local anesthesia cream can be used beforehand if necessary. Massage can be done to the application area after the procedure. The patient is invited again after 15 days and checked by the doctor. The jawline can be applied for the following operations. In other words, it is used to eliminate aesthetic concerns or congenital deformities in line with these needs.

  • Correcting the deformity in the jawline,
  • Clarifying the jawline,
  • Reshaping the jaw as longer and more prominent,
  • Widening the jaw tip,
  • Providing symmetry in the jawline,
  • Correcting the volume loss in the jaw.

With the jawline filler, people can both try to achieve the above results and increase their self-confidence. In addition, people who try to gain a more appealing appearance according to today’s aesthetic understanding prefer this procedure. It is also possible to prevent sagging with jawline filler. People who want to have sharp facial lines by making the jawline more pronounced due to sagging in the jowl area can achieve this appearance with jawline filler. The hyaluronic acid filler is generally used during jawline filler. Nevertheless, this medical aesthetic procedure is decided by the doctors according to your skin structure. This jawline shaping process, called jawline filler is frequently preferred by men and women who want to have sharper facial features.

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