Benefits of Hair PRP

PRP – which is also used in correcting wrinkles on the skin, providing flexibility and shining, treating non-healing wounds and burns – is commonly used for the purpose of hair loss treatment.

Hair PRP is a very natural, allergy-free, easy to apply and reliable application.

We consider Hair PRP as a strengthening and supportive treatment. Considering that hair transplantation is a difficult and demanding process, hair PRP is an experimentally proven application that increases the success rate of hair transplantation.

Hair PRP is an effective method that we apply not only to people who have hair transplantation but also to patients who want to nourish their existing hair follicles and who have hair loss complaints.

Hair Transplantataion and PRP


Saç ekimi ve PRP


Applied after hair transplantation, hair PRP supports the transplanted area and new hair follicles with its effect of nutrient agents and growth factors inside the solution and helps to increase the efficiency of hair transplantation.

Both the hair follicles are nourished and the scalp with new hair follicles are adapted to the existing area. It also supports the nourishment of the follicles through capillaries.

Hair PRP Procedure

Saç Prp uygulaması


For Hair PRP, the patient’s blood is taken into a tube during the transplant. The blood is centrifuged in the laboratory environment, enriched in terms of thrombocytes, and additional substances are added according to the needs of the person, if necessary.

Optional local anesthetic cream can be applied before the application.

Prepared PRP solution is injected into the hairy area by means of very fine-tipped needles.

In hair PRP where personal protocols are used, it is usually applied in 3 or 4 sessions with 1-week intervals.

It takes about 30-45 minutes depending on the situation.

There may be redness after application. This situation disappears in a few hours.

In order to prevent skin irritation, the patient should avoid sun exposure, make-up, and touching the skin.

How Is PRP Procedure Performed?

Prp Uygulaması Nasıl Yapılmaktadır?


After the blood passes through the necessary stages, your doctor injects the obtained Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) into the scalp with very fine-tipped needles.

All the processes are completed in about 30 minutes.

Tissue development begins in the application area, damaged weak hair follicles are repaired and they begin to produce new strong hair.

It is a very satisfying application for both women and men.

It is especially recommended to get maximum results from the grafts placed after hair transplantation operations.

  • Since the person’s own blood product is used, it does not carry any risk of allergies and blood-borne diseases, and there is no rejection syndrome.
  • healing process is very short due to its safe content.
  • Repairs and regenerates tissues. New collagen production and new vascular development are provided. With growth factors and restructuring of the intercellular environment, damages in tissues are recovered and fresh tissues are created.
  • It is a physiological antibiotic with the antibodies it contains.
  • It is rich in hormones, vitamins, and all other nutritional elements.
  • Its application is easy and comfortable.

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