Hair Treatment with Growth Factor

Hair treatment with growth factors is now possible at Arden Clinic! Hair loss is a common problem that most people experience. There are many environmental and genetic causes of this condition. Rapidly developing technology and methods in hair treatments make it possible to combat this problem. Growth Factor – Growth Factor is also one of the most effective methods of hair treatments.

Growth Factor – What is Growth Factor?

The growth factor is a cure that contains 33 different active ingredients and a treatment approved by clinical trials. Containing various minerals and vitamins needed by hair follicles, this cure gives vitality to the hair and helps to replace thinning hair with new ones.

How Is Growth Factor Applied?

The growth factor is applied by specialists in the field by opening micro-channels in the scalp and then injecting them under the scalp through these channels.

How Long Is the Application Period?

The session takes an average of 15 minutes in total.

While you do not feel any pain during the application, you can easily continue your daily life afterwards. The growth factor, which is applied in 4 sessions in total at the interval of 2 weeks, enables the hair follicle to be strengthened and new hair grows. The growth factor can be applied to everyone regardless of men and women, and it is also preferred for beard and eyebrows, as well as hair.

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