Hair Laser

Hair laser is a treatment method which is applied to thicken thin hair, stop hair loss and to help new hair growth. During the hair laser application, the patient is in a comfortable environment; s/he can read a book, listen to music in a pleasant way while receiving the treatment.

How to Apply Hair Laser?

Saç Lazeri Nasıl Uygulanır?

Laser beams penetrating under the skin helps the growth of new hair follicles and thickening of thinning hair by stimulating inactive hair follicles and accelerating blood circulation. Thanks to the treatment, existing hair becomes stronger, new hair grows and becomes more voluminous than the existing hair. As the first step, a treatment protocol is applied twice a week for 20 minutes. During this treatment, saline is given with tiny needles. By strengthening the hair with both laser and saline, a treatment is performed without transplantation. Small channels are opened in the scalp and growth factor saline is applied to the scalp. After the saline is absorbed by the scalp with the help of gentle massage, the patient is taken for laser procedure.

Is hair laser preferred for women?

Kadınlarda Saç Lazeri Tercih Edilir Mi?

Especially for women, hair laser provides a great solution and transplantation is usually the last solution. The primary purpose is to activate the structure that can be strengthened, to stop shedding and to make the hair more bright, shiny and quality. Hair loss in women is caused by genetic factors by 60-65%. Apart from this, deficiency of some elements such as goiter hormone, female hormone, vitamin deficiencies, iron, zinc and selenium has an important place in hair loss in women. For this reason, the person is first taken into research when she comes. Deficiencies are detected; if it is a hormonal condition, treatment is planned in cooperation with the gynecologist. Hair laser is also applied accordingly.

If we take a look at the treatments used in hair treatment for women, it is possible to count PRP, Growth Factor treatment and saline and laser treatment. In laser treatment, within a period of 6 months, an improvement is seen in the quality and density of the hair.

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