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Face Thinning with Botox – Teeth Grinding Botox

All details about Face Thinning with Botox – Teeth Grinding Botox… Botox is an active substance that provides a solution to multiple problems with its content. While Botox saves us from fine wrinkles, it is also a solution for our essential problems such as teeth grinding.

Teeth grinding is a common action that people often do when they are under stress and while sleeping. If you are grinding your teeth while sleeping, you usually wake up with jaw pain in the morning. There are many underlying reasons for teeth grinding, it is the best option to solve this problem permanently. Here, we will give information about the changes in our faces as a result of teeth grinding and solutions to this problem.

What are the harms of teeth grinding?

  • Teeth grinding firstly damages the tooth enamel.
  • It causes headaches, jaw pain, and tinnitus.
  • It causes strengthening of the muscular structure, which is called masseter muscle, which is leading to distortion of face asymmetry.

Teeth grinding causes the masseter muscle to grow and our face to take on an expression that expands sideways. Especially in women, narrowing of the chin in a straight line from the back to the front is considered aesthetically beautiful, while the enlargement of masseter muscle destroys this image. It causes a masculine facial expression in women.

How Is Teeth Grinding Botox Applied?

Teeth grinding botox comes into play at this point. The application area is anesthetized with anesthetic creams before the procedure. Thanks to the appropriate amount of botox applied to the masseter muscle, muscles are relaxed, excessive contractions are minimized in time and the muscle structure is thinned. The process takes about 10 minutes. The effect of botox spreads for over 1 month. By stopping the lateral expansion of your chin, you will have a thinner face.

Who Can Have Masseter Botox?

Anyone who has excessive enlargement in the lower face and jaw area due to teeth grinding can have this application

The permanence of Masseter Botox

Although it varies from person to person, it has an average effect period of 6-12 months. The process can be repeated

Are There Any Side Effects of Teeth Grinding Botox?

It has no known side effects. There may be slight bruises after the procedure, even rarely.

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