Medical AestheticThread ApplicationsFace Lift with Dynamic Suspension

Dynamic suspension facelift is a non-surgical facelift procedure where flexible and permanent threads are used.

Lifting is generally done with permanent and flexible threads in order to correct the old looking and tired expression on the face. The skin becomes tight immediately after the application.

In the “Dynamic Suspension” application, special requests of the doctor and the patient are fulfilled such as correcting the asymmetrical parts and correcting the grooves that can form on both sides of the nose and cause an old appearance.

More Reliable Application

Dynamic suspension is a safe method developed to tighten the skin by deeply supporting the sagging muscle tissues. Biocompatible materials are used in this application, which has been preferred by many people for more than 50 years.

Why Dynamic Suspension?

The dynamic suspension method is an effective method used in the treatment of sagging and deepening lines on the face and maintains its effects for a long time.

Thus, the facial expression that causes an old appearance can regain its young appearance and return to its natural state.

There are some advantages of using insoluble threads in dynamic suspension procedures. These are;

  • Permanence of suspension is very long.
  • It does not cause complications because it does not react with tissues.
  • It promises a more reliable application.
  • Thanks to the soft and flexible suspension threads, skin tightening is achieved in accordance with facial expressions and it is not noticeable from the outside.
  • Thanks to the high strength of the dynamic suspension, suspension threads adhere very well to the tissue for many years.
  • Due to these advantages, dynamic suspension application has become a safe and easy application and it has become the common choice of those who seek a permanent, easily applicable and non-hazardous solution to their problems.

How to Apply?

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and it takes about 30-45 minutes. After the analysis and application design made on the face, flexible suspension threads that will realize the dynamic suspension are advanced under the skin, placed in the right places, and left after tightening. Stitches are not required in the applications on the face since the subcutaneous area of the scalp is used for the suspension area.

There is no scarring after the operation and the recovery period is very fast. Short-term mild pains that may be felt during this period can be easily relieved with painkillers. Patients can return to daily life immediately after the operation. The application is extremely easy, painless, and does not affect daily life. It can be applied to individuals of all ages for all levels of sagging, as recommended by your doctor.

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