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Ice Epilation is one of the most practical and comfortable states of the art hair removal methods. The method, which targets different structures in the hair root and has different wavelengths, is the definitive solution for unwanted hair. Ice epilation targets much larger surfaces and reaches more hair roots with each shot. For this reason, sessions take less time compared to other hair removal methods. Whole-body ice epilation sessions are 35-40 minutes on average.

In addition, since it is highly effective, the number of sessions is also less compared to other hair removal types. After an average of 6 sessions, you can get rid of the unwanted hair. Frequent shots are made in ice epilation and thus the application heats the hair roots slowly. Cooling given between this heating stage minimizes the pain.

Is Ice Epilation Applied to The Face?

The fastest growing hairs are on the face, especially mustache and beard growth is one of the aesthetic problems of many women. The facial area is also hormonally sensitive and the hairs on face usually have very deep roots. If the appropriate epilation is not applied to the facial area, the hair roots will probably reawaken and the epilation process will fail. Ice Epilation is the most suitable method for those who want to get rid of facial hair, but do not want to deal with both failure and more hair growth. Since ice epilation is effective even on the lightest and weakest hairs on the skin, it gives successful results in the face area. In addition, the pain is minimized and it is a comfortable process. Ice epilation will make you get rid of facial hair when applied with the right procedure and by reliable people. For this reason, it should be done in a very hygienic and comfortable place.

Does Ice Epilation Have a Permanent Effect?

Until a few years ago, epilation could not be applied to light-colored and weak hairs. In order to have successful results, the hairs were being razored and tried to be strengthened. However, after getting stronger, the epilation procedure could detect those hairs as well. Women who did not do this were also trying various ways to deal with their tiny hairs. Now, Ice Epilation has solved this problem completely. Now there is ice epilation, which provides a permanent solution for both thin and thick hair. Its effect is seen in almost every part of the body. With its technology, it has the ability to remove the hair completely.

Can Pregnant Women Have Ice Epilation?

Whatever method is used, any laser hair removal method is not suitable for pregnant women. People who started ice epilation before pregnancy can postpone their program. Women who are planning to get pregnant in a short time should have epilation before or after pregnancy. According to the published articles and doctor’s recommendations; laser treatment should never be applied during pregnancy. Ice Epilation is also extremely reliable before and after pregnancy period. However, it should not be done during pregnancy.

In Which Seasons Can Ice Epilation Be Performed?

Ice Epilation is painless and there is no skin irritation in the procedures. It is applied to the skin with low doses and frequent intervals, so it does not harm the skin. Ice epilation, which is the most comfortable epilation method, can be done safely in both summer and winter. In addition, it does not matter whether it is applied on white or tanned skin, people who will sunbathe after ice epilation should definitely use a quality, reliable and high protection factor cream. Using a cream after ice epilation provides extra safety. It is recommended to use a sun protective product when going out to the sun for skin health under normal conditions.

Is Ice Epilation Suitable for Men?

Whether for health (ingrown hair, etc.) or aesthetic reasons, men have more demand for epilation than women in recent years. Ice epilation is a very suitable method for men as well because the feeling of pain is minimized. One of the most painless methods that men can benefit from in order to get rid of their body hairs is definitely the latest technology Ice Epilation. Regardless of hair density or skin color, any man can have ice epilation.

Does Ice Epilation Cause Cancer?

Ice Epilation beams are applied to affect only the upper layer of the skin and mostly the hair roots under the skin. It needs to affect the internal organs, much deeper under the skin to cause cancer. In addition, these radiation beams are used in various imaging methods at low rates in hospitals. For example, x-ray, tomography and MRI machines also emit a small number of x-rays. Except for pregnancy, ice epilation never has the risk of cancer if not exposed regularly, just like these imaging methods. Ice Epilation applied to the skin for 6 sessions does not cause cancer. You need to be exposed to such rays for a long time and at high temperatures to cause cancer. You can safely have Ice Epilation. It also does not have any negative effects on fertility.

Is Ice Epilation Harmful to Health?

It has not been proven that Ice Epilation might cause a health problem. Since the laser beams are given with very low rates at frequent intervals, it is unlikely to reach the internal organs and cause many health problems. In other hair removal methods applied under normal conditions, there was irritation and redness on the skin. However, thanks to the cooling feature of Ice Epilation, you will not experience this discomfort.

People with sensitive skin may only experience a slight redness. However, it will disappear by itself within a few days. If there is a wound or other health problem in the epilation area, it should be avoided. In addition, it will not be beneficial to expose the ice epilation area to direct sunlight immediately after the session. You should not take a shower for 4-5 hours after ice epilation. Apart from these effects, Ice Epilation has no harm to health.

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