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The answers to your questions about chin filler are on this page! Chin is one of the most basic areas of the face that expose main facial characteristics in women and men. Although the aesthetically ideal form of the chin structure differs in women and men, its basic lines express a certain structure. When these proportional problems of our chin are eliminated, a remarkable difference occurs. With the filling procedures, we can easily achieve the ideal image on our chin.

Chin Filler and Chin Aesthetics

Chin aesthetics is one of the most important factors affecting the facial image. Because there is a ratio called the golden ratio on face. For example, while the forehead area is one unit, the nose area should be one unit, and the lower face should be one unit. Chin’s being too long or short or located front or back changes this ratio. In recent years, the most common aesthetic surgery in the world is the nose aesthetics. Chin aesthetics is one of the most common interventions after nose aesthetics.

The most preferred method for chin aesthetics is the chin filler method. Especially, chin asymmetries or lack of chin tip prominence can have a negative effect on the strong facial structure of the person. When considered aesthetically, the chin tip should be evaluated separately. This is because the chin tip can change everything from the nose to the other facial organs.

For example, if the person’s chin is located at the backside, his face looks too small. In this case, the nose may appear bigger than it is. Or, if the chin is too big or too prominent, it may create a suppressive effect on other facial structures. In the treatment of these types of chin disorders, some interventions can be made by using surgical methods such as chin filling or other non-surgical methods.

How Can Chin Filler Change the Appearance of Chin?

  • Proportional problems in the chin are eliminated.
  • Chin line become more prominent.
  • Chin tip or chin line can be extended forward.

Non-Surgical Fillers and Surgical Applications

The most common chin anomalies are chin’s being smaller than normal and located at the backside. This situation can be called as microgene. In this case, the most appropriate treatment method among non-surgical treatment options is the chin filler method. This is a very effective non-surgical chin aesthetic application. Because when the chin filler is applied, prominence and fullness are noticed in the person’s chin. One of the biggest advantages of chin filler method is that the person can immediately return to their social life and see the effects when they look in the mirror.

They obtain an aesthetic face that is closer to the golden ratio with the prominence of the chin tip. In addition, small chins cause sagging of the skin at the edges of the chin, which is called joe-line. However, enlarging the chin slightly with the chin filling provides a recovery in both the edges of chin and jowl area, allowing the person to achieve a better appearance in that area. In other words, non-surgical chin aesthetic applications can be briefly called chin filling.

How to Apply Chin Filler?

First of all, the doctor who will apply the procedure will determine what to do for the harmony of your chin with your face. Afterwards, anesthetic cream is applied to the treatment area in order to make the procedure more comfortable. The filler is applied to the desired places in the chin by means of a small injector. The effect of the application on the chin shows its effect in the first stage.

The process takes an average of 15-30 minutes. In the control appointment to be made after 1 week, the necessary touch-ups are performed by the doctor. In the first week, it is necessary to avoid hot environments such as hot saunas and baths. It may take up to 1 week for the fillers to fully fit on the chin.

Permanence of Chin Filler

The permanence of chin filler is 12-15 months. It is a repeatable application.

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