Beard Transplantation

Beard and sideburn transplantation is the process of transferring the hair follicles taken from the hairy area to the beard or sideburns using follicular unit techniques (FUE) and tools.

Beard transplantation is also the procedure that reshapes a new beard or improves the density of an existing beard.

Donor Area and Beard Transplantation

Sakal Ekimi
Sakal Ekimi

Not all patients have enough hair in the donor area. We mostly choose the hair in the nape area as the donor area for beard transplantation.

If there is not enough hair in the donor area, body hair taken from arms, legs, and chest may be the next best alternative for these situations.

Beard transplantation is suitable for patients with male pattern hair loss (MPH), but it is not possible for other types of alopecia. Patients with alopecia universalis do not have hair on their entire body and therefore they are not suitable for this type of procedure.

Successful, realistic beard transplantation results mostly depend on the natural characteristics of the recipient area hair, which will look very good as beard hair if the patient’s scalp hairs are short and curly.

But if the patient has long and straight hair, then the textural inconsistency will occur, resulting in an unnatural appearance.

Therefore, for patients with predominantly straight hair, a combination of hair taken from other areas of the body rather than the scalp will give the best results for the beard.

Beard Hair Transplantation, Side Effects, and Risks

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Tenderness or pain in the donor and recipient areas
  • Ingrown hairs

But all of these are temporary and will resolve within 1-2 weeks.

Beard Transplantation

Sakal Ekimi Uygulama

Beard and mustache transplantation, which is considered as hair transplantation, can actually differ in terms of density because the sparseness in the hair area attracts a lot of attention, while the sparseness in the beard area is relatively acceptable.

When you follow the recommendations of the doctor and the post-procedure rules, you will get effective results.

After the procedure, the first clot marks will disappear with the first face wash after 24 hours.

The transplantation area, which remains in a pinkish color for an average of 2 weeks, then regains a normal appearance.

An average of 3000 hair follicles for beard transplant and 600 hair follicles for sideburns transplantation are the approximate numbers.

After the beard and sideburns transplantation, there will be no permanent scars on the procedure area.

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