Hair Transplantation Process

The operation process varies depending on the number of grafts to be transplanted, but it usually takes about 6 to 7 hours.

Step 1:


This is the step where doctors and assistants work on the hair transplantation plan and prepare the operation area according to the individual hair transplantation plan.

Step 2:

Sterilization and Local Anesthesia

The areas where the grafts will be taken and the transplantation area will be sterilized. Sedation is applied using medical monitoring devices by our anesthesiologist with an appropriate dosage adjusted according to the physiological condition of the patient.

Step 3:

Collection of Hair Follicles

This process involves collecting hair follicles one by one from the back and two sides of the head and from the beard areas with a micromotor. The collected grafts are divided into single or multiple grafts and stored in a special solution at 4 ° C.

Step 4:

Creating Incisions Through Which Collected Hair Grafts Will Be Transplanted

Incisions will be created by considering the patient’s hairline design and the number of grafts to be transplanted. Incisions are created at 40-45 degrees of angle and in the direction of natural hair growth.

Step 5:

Hair Transplantation

One of the most important issues in the transplantation of grafts is to start from the area where the hairline is designed and transplant single grafts in this area. Thus, natural looking hair transplantation results can be obtained. The grafts extracted from the back of head and from the beard area containing multiple hair follicles are transplanted to the mid-scalp area to provide fullness and more density.

Step 6:

Dressing and Informing

After the operation, donor areas – the areas where hair follicles are extracted – will be covered with a bandage. The day after the operation, patients are instructed on what to do until they receive a medical dressing.

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On the first day after the operation, the patient will return to the clinic for a follow-up visit. On the same day, the patient will receive either Low Level Laser Hair Therapy. After the procedure, the doctor’s assistant will be in constant communication with you. After your hair transplant procedure, do not hesitate to ask any questions about your recovery process.

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