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Hair Transplantation

Can I get natural hair which cannot be noticed that it was operated with hair transplantation?

Yes, thousands of hair grafts can be taken today with the FUE technique and natural, dense hair transplants can be performed. The most important point in this issue is the experience of the surgeon and the patient’s hair density in the donor area.

What should I consider before surgery?

One week before surgery, you should avoid herbal supplements that can increase bleeding by cross-reacting with aspirin, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, fish oil, garlic pill, ginger, saw palmetto, vitamin E, and other drugs. You should not drink alcohol 1 night before the surgery. On the morning of the operation day, you should wash your hair and go to the clinic after having a good breakfast.

Can we correct the bad hair transplantations that were transplanted with old methods called punch grafts and that look like a toothbrush?

Yes. Two methods are applied to solve this problem: First, if the punch grafts are very big and large, we remove them, separate them into individual grafts and hair follicles and transplant them again in a natural way. In the second technique, we camouflage the bad appearance by making very dense and single root transplantation around and between these punch grafts. In other words, we hide these hair islets with dense transplantation and make them more natural.

Is hair transplantation a painful procedure, how can the pain be reduced?

Today, patients do not feel any pain during hair transplant. It is a surprise for many patients that they feel much less pain than they expect. Psychological factors can increase the pain during hair transplant as well as the physical pain and it makes the person uncomfortable. It is very important to prepare the patients for the operation in psychological terms. In addition to detailed information, patients can be relieved with the medication given before the operation. In order to minimize the pain during the procedure, the finest needles should be used. Anesthetic agents should be at body temperature when injected into the skin. By using the tumescent technique on the skin of donor and recipient areas, it can be worked in large areas without bleeding. After the anesthetic agent takes effect within 5-10 minutes, the patient does not feel any pain and they watch television, play with their smartphones or sleep during the operation! If necessary, anesthesia can be provided for 8-12 hours by applying nerve blocks. Postoperative pain is also prevented with a strong analgesic substance administered towards the end of the operation.

What is the planned density as a result of hair transplantation?

If we consider that the natural hair density in the transplantation area is 100%,  human eye cannot perceive the difference between 50% -100% hair density. Therefore, the desired hair density should be at least 50% of the natural hair density. In the first session, hair transplantation will be performed at a density of 35% to 45% depending on the hair thickness of the person, the hair density on donor area, hair color, age and sex of the person, and even the difference in hair/skin color. Later, a second transplant may be required so that this rate will be 50-60%.

What does a good hair transplantation promise?

First of all, it promises to inform the patient realistically about the result that can be achieved and it promises to make good use of the existing material. Moreover,

  1. A very natural transplantation that no one can understand (a transplantation with single roots in the front and double and triple roots that provide volume in the back and compatible with the natural hair growth direction);
  2. No or very little scarring;
  3. It is necessary to work at maximum density ( 50% -60% of normal hair density) and thus provide a natural appearance.
How will I look after the hair transplantation and when can I return to my normal life?

After the hair transplantation, your hair wash is done within the first 2 days and the bandages and dressings on the donor area are removed. Although there is no pain, swelling and bruising after the operation, there will be some crusting around the grafts in the transplanted area. Since this appearance may disturb you, it can be returned to normal life immediately after hair transplantation, by wearing a hat and camouflaging the transplantation area. It may take up to 1-2 weeks to clear these scabs.

How much does hair transplantation cost, is hair transplantation an expensive operation?

Nowadays, people spend a lot of money to restore lost hair and this creates an important sector. The money spent on improving hair has reached astronomic figures. When we look at the prices of artificial hair prostheses and applications, annual care prices spent on wig-like prostheses, and the money given to hairdressing services and products that are made to get money from people unnecessarily; hair transplantation is actually a very cheap operation. In order to get information about the hair transplantation price and the number of grafts to be transplanted, it is sufficient to send us the photos taken from the front, top and nape of the head showing the current condition of the hair density.

Of course, people pay some money to herbalists, unnecessary internet products and some unreliable clinic before having a reliable and effective hair transplantation. When we sum up these, the money that a patient spends to get his hair back in 1 or 2 years is almost equal to the hair transplantation price, but they do not get anything at all.

Will there be any change or loss in normal hair after hair transplantation?

Yes. There may be temporary shedding and thinning of your own hair around the transplanted grafts, which shows that there is even more sparsening in the transplanted area. This situation completely reverses after a few months and recovers spontaneously. This temporary shedding and thinning of existing hair are called “Telogen Effluvia”. This situation, which is seen until the new hair starts to grow, should not disturb the patient because it is a temporary situation.

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