Get Your Hair Back
With Hair Treatments

Hair Transplantation Procedures
Hair transplantation with the DHI technique, applied by Dr. Arden EKMEKÇİ and his team, is successfully applied with maximum attention.
Hair Loss Treatment
An effective type of treatment with results is hair mesotherapy.

Improve Your Skin with Skin Treatments

The skin is cleansed from oil and makeup residue and a healthy environment is created for herbal peeling.
Get rid of your excess and unwanted hair.

Eliminate Your Skin Problems with Medical Aesthetics.

Filler Treatments
It is especially used to complement the deep lines and volume losses in the face area.
Botox Injections
Botox is a kind of toxin obtained from the bacteria named “Clostridium Botulinum“ which is used in the treatment of facial wrinkles and excessive sweating.
Red paragraph textSlow down, prevent or reverse aging symptoms with our anti-aging procedures.

Don’t delay your dreams, don’t delay anything at all; we are at your service with our expert team who know that your physical and mental health is more precious than anything else.


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    Dr. Arden Ekmekçi Aesthetic and Beauty Clinic

    Accepting patients at international standards with its up-to-date technology and expert team, Dr. Arden Wellness and Beauty Center provides services in the fields of plastic surgery and medical aesthetics, especially hair transplantation and treatments.

    As Dr. Arden Ekmekçi Aesthetic and Beauty Clinic, we provide services under doctor supervision and at international standards with fully equipped medical infrastructures in the aesthetics sector.

    All our operations are carried out by our trained and expert team under the control of Dr. Arden Ekmekçi.

    In Dr. Arden Wellness and Beauty Center, free medical examinations are carried out before the procedures and necessary preparations and applications are performed.

    Located in the Şişli district, we provide service in a 2-story detached building in a modern and decent environment. All the equipment used in Dr. Arden Wellness and Beauty Center has been approved by the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration).

    We are always beside you with our expert team who know that your physical and mental health is more precious than anything else …

    Our Treatment and Applications

    We are one of you who always tries to do the best for you, who is happy with the happiness in your eyes, who rejoices with your joy …

    Arden EKMEKÇİ

    Hair Transplantation & Treatmentss

    Make your hair renewed and your appearance eye-catching with hair treatments. It is the most common problem we face.

    Medical Aesthetic

    In Dr. Arden Wellness and Beauty Center, many quality medical aesthetic applications that you may be looking for are carried out.

    Skin Treatments

    Skin treatments are the procedures which are applied to make the skin look brighter, healthier, and more natural.

    Health Tourism

    You can prefer Dr. Arden Wellness and Beauty Center to get health services while also taking a vacation.

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