Hair Transplantation and TreatmentsHow Should the Hair Care Routine Be?

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We should also show the care and attention we give to our skin to our hair. Sometimes it is not helpful to apply external treatment alone. Medications and nutritional supplements that we need to take orally also help the treatment. These can be vitamin pills that we take under the supervision of a doctor, or they are simple but important methods that we can do with consuming plenty of water and eating vegetables.

How Should Our Relationship Be With Our Hair?

Our hair conveys the message we give it back to us in the same way. Sometimes this situation can be genetic or it is mostly affected by environmental factors. Well, what should we do in this case? First we need to determine what kind of care our hair needs. This situation is one of the first stages that will lead us to the right treatment.

We must avoid things that wear our hair!

One of the most contact moments with our hair is when we take a bath. While bathing, we can wash with the choice of shampoo suitable for our hair and accelerate the blood flow in our hair follicles with gentle massage movements. During rinsing, we should avoid hot water. Combing our wet hair leads to loss and damage to our hair.

That’s why combing dry hair helps us get healthier results. In addition to all these, drying our hair at high temperatures with a hair dryer is also one of the factors that wear our hair. Especially the hair dryers and curlers preferred by women cause the hair to thin and break.

Hair Care with Herbal Oils

Olive oil and Argan Oil are among the most preferred products in hair care. But these alone cannot benefit. In severe hair loss, you should definitely consult a specialist.

With the most harmless and reliable hair treatments, they can return what is from you. What are these?

Hair treatment methods such as PRP and Autologous Micro Graft. These are applications where the person heals himself. It is a very simple and painless procedure when applied with a specialist doctor.

With these treatments that only take 30-45 minutes, you can awaken your sleeping hair stem cells.

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